U-Haul rentals, Rockport TX

Make moving easy

Here at 188 Storage, we aim to make the moving and storage process as easy for you as possible. To assist in moving your belongings to your new unit, we offer a full range of U-Haul moving vehicles. Our U-Haul rentals come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size move, from simple moving jobs to filling your new unit top to bottom. Each truck is cleaned and maintained regularly so you can feel confident that your items will arrive safe and secure at their new destination.


Our team of experienced professionals are available to assist you with every aspect of the moving and storage process. We can help you choose the correct size of U-Haul to best suit your needs, as well as provide advice on how to most efficiently pack and move your items. Contact us today to learn more about our U-Haul rentals!

Vehicles Available With 188 Storage

  • Pickups
  • Cargo Vans
  • 10′ Trucks
  • 15′ Trucks
  • 17′ Trucks
  • 20′ Trucks
  • 26′ Trucks


At 188 Storage, we offer a variety of U-HAUL rentals including moving vans, trucks, trailers and tow dollies. In-town and one-way trucks and trailers available in Rockport, TX.